Sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains just 15 minutes west of Denver lies the city of Golden. Nestled between Lookout Mountain and two beautiful mesas, Golden was the territorial capitol until 1867. Today, it remains an inspiring place to live with its rich mining history, Old West charm and extraordinary views in every direction.
Golden’s motto ‘Where the West Lives’ speaks to the easy access this historic town provides to all the wonderful surprises Colorado’s mountains have to offer. Clear Creek runs through Golden and the surrounding mountains, providing the perfect rugged terrain for hikers, runners and bikers. Golden is also home to many museums, including the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave and the Colorado Railroad Museum.
Downtown Golden is a charming area lined with historic brick buildings and over 30 different shops, restaurants and bars. If you’re in the right spot, you can actually watch kayakers float by right in the center of town.
When in Golden, be sure to take a free tour atCoors Brewery, the single largest brewery in the world. The city is also home to one of Colorado’s best universities, the Colorado School of Mines.