As one of the oldest and single biggest neighborhoods in Denver, the Highlands community has seen and been through it all. The Highlands is known for showcasing some of Denver’s best cultural diversity and is undergoing rapid developmental changes today that are completely rebranding the neighborhood. Directly northwest of Denver, the Highlands were named by Men’s Journal as one of the best neighborhoods in the country in 2009.
The Highlands has Italian, Scottish, German and English historical influences that can still be seen in aspects such as Scottish street names. This mixture has created one of Denver’s true spots for a neighborhood that promises the American dream. The area is lined with several family-owned restaurants that feature some of Denver’s best Italian, Mexican, Caribbean and stylish sushi spots. Hip shops, martini bars and book stores make the commercial district along 32nd and 29th Streets a popular place on weekends and lively spot to grab a drink after hours.
Two attractions that help define the Highlands neighborhood are the Tennyson Street Cultural District and the Navajo Street Art District. Here you can visit several art galleries, featuring local painters and photographers, or catch live music and other performances.
The Highlands neighborhood is truly one of Denver’s most distinctive and is a place National Geographic Traveler recommends visiting.