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Compass is a real estate technology company with a powerful end-to-end
platform that supports the entire buying and selling workflow. We
deliver an incomparable experience to both agents and their clients all
in service of the Compass mission: to help everyone find their place in
the world. Founded in 2012 by Ori Allon and Robert Reffkin, Compass
operates in 22+ regions across the United States including New York, Los
Angeles and Orange County, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Washington
D.C., South Florida, The Hamptons, Santa Barbara & Montecito, San
Diego, Seattle & Eastside, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Westchester,
Aspen, Boulder, Denver, Atlanta, Austin & Central Texas, Dallas-Fort
Worth, Houston, Nashville, and Lake Tahoe.


A message from our founder

My earliest inspiration for Compass came from someone I greatly admire who is now an agent at Compass: my mother. Growing up, it inspired me to see how hard she worked and how much she cared about the people she served. We invite only the most talented, highest-integrity professionals in the country to join Compass and then we give them what my mother never had: the same incredibly high level of support, care, and expertise that they provide to sellers like you. Partnering with top technology, business, and marketing leaders, we’ve developed a fleet of these world-class entrepreneurs to ensure every step of your experience is seamless. As you’ll find in the pages that follow, we’ve made it our mission to invest in our agents so that they can invest in you, from granting buyers an exclusive first look at your home to empowering you with interest-free loans to make improvements to your property for a faster, more lucrative sale. Like you, I understand the importance of choosing an advisor with the utmost integrity and skill. Buying or selling a home is often the most important financial decision a person will make in their lifetime; it can help make the future you imagine for yourself and your family possible. But it’s also about finding a property, a neighborhood, a community that makes you feel like you truly belong — which is why at Compass, we know that the key to selling your home is to help its next owner fall in love with it, the same way you did. The agents of Compass inspire me daily, but the community we’ve built together is wholly inspired by you. I want to thank you for providing this opportunity to the agent in front of you, and by extension, to all of us at Compass. Your trust is something we don’t take lightly and I am personally committed to providing every resource at our disposal to achieve your goals. Our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world and we’re honored to help you embark on your next chapter, wherever it may lead.


Robert Reffkin Founder & CEO

Robert Reffkin

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Keep up to date with the latest market trends and
opportunities in Denver.

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Keep up to date with the latest market trends and
opportunities in Denver.